Jayuk – Bokkeum

Mixed with red pepper and vegetables, the pork (farm quality) is vigorously stir-fried and served with a preparation of spinach with sesame oil. It isn’t as spicy as in Korea, but we can add some more red-pepper paste for spicy-lovers.

It is sometimes cooked by students during their exam sessions, as spicy dishes are believed to relieve from stress and anxiety. It is also known to suffer from serious mispronunciations from our merciless customers.


Thin slices of Irish beef are marinating in a preparation with pear, garlic and Ganjang sauce. Meeting the vegetables in a hot pan, they exchange a few words before their short cooking is complete. Topped with green onions and sesame, the Bulgoggi is a comforting yet intense dish.

It’s the most famous dish in Korea. People associate it with joy because Bulgoggi is often eaten at barbecues. The initial recipe comes from Pyongan, currently situated in North Korea. You can use that piece of information as a way to start a controversial discussion with your friends during a boring lunch break.


A whole piece of farm quality pork cooks in a cast-iron saucepan with Denjang (Korean miso, a.k.a. better than miso) and some organic Belgian beer. The pork takes a very deep breath in this delicious bath before lying on a warm rice bed with a few vegetables.

In autumn and winter, we add organic butternut that we grew in our garden near Tournai. In the old days, people used to wrap a piece of pork in freshly made Kimchi, and we highly recommend you to do the same. A pot of homemade Kimchi with Bossam is considered to give a similar experience as entering heaven.


Why do pregnant women love this dish so much ? Anyway, here’s an interesting thing: sweet potato noodles. They need a very particular cooking process with Korean Soy sauce (among other ingredients) but the texture and taste is well worth it. The only way to make a good Japchae is with very fresh vegetables and you’ll find our Japchae to be delicious.

It was served to the king Gwanghaegun during banquets. He loved this dish so much that the Chef was promoted to secretary of Treasury. I don’t think that was a very smart move, but we understand that he was very grateful.


The most famous dish from Korea is the perfect way to rebuild the challenging balance between healthy and tasty. It is prepared with our homemade sesame sauce served on steamed rice with all of our vegetables cooked separately (which is a bit conflicting considering that Bibimbap means « mixing dish »).

The key is to mix it yourself with a bit of Korean spicy paste, using a spoon if you want to follow the traditional way. Please don’t think that you can just replace the Korean paste with Sriracha, and we won’t forget to vouch for Belgium whenever someone pronounces « Chocolate » and « Swiss » in the same sentence.


Medium size : 13 €

Large size : 16 €

All our dishes are served with rice except for the Japchae that comes with noodles. If you need any further information about our work or if you’d like to share with us your allergies, please call us and we’ll find a way to help !


What would a Korean restaurant be without Kimchi ? Obviously, we make our own Kimchi and Oï-kimchi (same ingredients, except we replaced the cabbage with cucumbers). It is suitable with any dish that you will order, as well as suitable for vegans (no fish sauce). A portion of Kimchi costs 8€, which is probably the best thing you can buy for 8€.

Kimchi Jon

The Kimchi that you saw on the previous picture has been cut into smaller pieces and mixed with organic beer and rice flour. It is then fried in a cute « pancake » shape to be devoured in less than 4 bites. Don’t fool yourself by thinking you could share it with a friend or a lover, you might be putting your relationship in serious jeopardy.


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